iSolved HCM is an industry-leading human capital management technology provider that brings together the key workforce functions in one robust, easy-to-use platform, iSolved. iSolved, now with Mojo, makes it easy for teams to build connections and unleash innovation. iSolved's HCM platform manages all mission-critical functions, including payroll, HR, time & attendance, and benefits delivered from a single application. Built-in tools and features boost engagement, collaboration, and performance management. iSolved has achieved rapid market share, with more than 3 million employees using the technology.

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iSolved looks forward to working with DAHU members and your larger clients this year who express interest in evaluating HRIS/HCM. Working with iSolved through DuPage Association of Health Underwriters will afford your client special $$ incentives. Please contact Katie Berganske-Frank directly once you have a client that wishes to make an appointment with iSolved.

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Inland Bank's National line of Health Savings Account Division is focused on serving Consumers, Employers, Brokers, and Carries with HSA education, sales, and customer service support. We uncover the specific needs for each employer, and provide HSA education to employees to garner greater engagement. 

At Inland Bank we know Health Savings Accounts, and we're ready to help businessess, brokers, and individuals. We currently offer our popular No Fee HSA as well as the HSA Advantage with investment options. 

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Many employers are choosing High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) to maximize savings while positioning HSA as a tool to help employees manage their healthcare expenses, now and into retirement. HSA's offer triple Tax benefits, including tax-free savings, growth, and spending on qualified medical expenses anytime from today throughout your retirement - something you can't get from other retirement accounts.

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AHR is a benefits strategy and administration company. We help producers and employers provide employee benefits that remain affordable, and are satisfying to employees. In these days of rapidly escalating costs and dwindling choice, that requires strategic, long term thinking and smart, considerate administration. And that's what we provide. Founded in 1990, AHR was active in the formulation of the original MSA legislation, and was one of the first to offer taz qualified savings account in the U.S. We've been on the forefront ever since then, custom designing and administering the most effective and innovative benefits plans available.